What Are Sales Pages?

What Are Sales Pages?


If you have ever spent time online browsing any kind of web store or e-commerce site, you have likely seen a sales page. Sales pages are used by companies to inform, entice, and offer their salepage goods or services for sale to the consumer. Here is what you need to know about what a sales page is, why they are important to a business, and tips to help you create one of your own!

What & Why

In the very basic of explanations, a sales page is a place on a business website that is dedicated to sell products. Such pages are designed with five basic areas. Each area is useful and important. Here is a breakdown:

The heading or title: Headings or titles are designed to explain to the customer exactly what the product is. This often includes a manufacturer or brand name, as well as the actual name of the product.

The product image: Many of these pages have images of the item that is being offered for sale that allows the shopper to see details, colors, relative design, and exactly what they are purchasing.

The product description: The product description is designed to give the purchaser additional information about the product, including things like product features, product selling points, warranties, uses, etc.

The price and buying options: Price and buying options allows the customer to customize the product, if this is an option, and see how much their purchase will cost. Options that are commonly found are sizes, colors, upgrades, patterns, etc.

The purchase mechanism: Finally, such pages needs to have a purchase mechanism, such as an “add to cart” or “purchase now” link that allows them to complete the sale.

Sales pages are vitally important because they allow people to shop, compare, and purchase items sold by a company from the comfort of their home, office, or laptop. They also allow for 24/7 shopping, which opens up purchases for many more hours than a traditional brick and mortar store. Finally, sales pages allow businesses a place to highlight and sell items, no matter how small or large their sales inventory is or what their price point may be.

Tips & Tricks

Because sales pages are designed to help encourage sales for your business, there are some tips and tricks that will be helpful in accomplishing this goal. Keep these in mind when creating one for your business. They are:

Use catchy headlines that grab a consumer’s attention quickly

Use the opening line of your description to promise and persuade

Always tell the shopper “what is in it for them” or “why they need your product”

Include customer reviews, testimonials, or stories, if applicable

Build rapport within your site by always presenting information as a knowledgeable expert on your products

Use page breaks, subheads, bullets, and paragraphs to make reading easy on the eyes

Always remember to include guarantees, warranties, or buy-back information

Use a call to action, such as “purchase now!”

Include good quality images that show all aspects of the product

Make buying easy and hassle free!

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