Getting Coaching Clients – Getting Clients Because of the Recession

I hear lots of coaches complaining that the recession is making it hard, REALLY Hard to sell coaching.

Let me put it this way: If you are at the mercy of the recession, that’s your fault. If you are growing because of the recession… that’s your fault too.

How can that be?

It’s your beliefs, your mindset.

If you believe that people are not buying BECAUSE of the recession, then you are allowing that belief to determine how you approach a coaching prospect. You expect to find people who are desperate, Life Coach in Kansas who are struggling with the recession, and who, just plain feel that they can’t spend anything on you or anything else for that matter because they don’t enough money.

There are two problems with that way of thinking.

First, it’s the prospects’ thoughts that allow the situation to continue and actually cause it. Secondly it’s your thoughts. If you are ALLOWING them to think that way, and if YOU also think that way the two of you are just continuing down that same path you’ve always been on… you just can’t keep thinking the same way and expect different results. Your thoughts are creating the results you get, both yours and your prospects. How can you lead someone out of this when you think and feel the same way.

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