Nokia Prism 7500 Is A Geometric Style Icon

Nokia Prism 7500 Is A Geometric Style Icon


Nokia are renowned for their long list of sometimes abstract and unusual mobile phone designs including some that have been so ridiculous that they have only stayed on the market geometric series for a matter of months.

Bearing this in mind, the manufacturers newest addition might be considered a risky move but after seeing, feeling and experiencing this new phone the user might be very surprised.

It is the Nokia 7500 Prism and it is not as the name suggests a triangular shaped phone, the handsets exterior is actually made up from scores of small, raised triangles producing a bold, geometric pattern with a bevelled surface – The Prism phone is described by Nokia as being at the forefront of modern design.

Classed as one of Nokia’s fashion phones which includes the likes of the 7-Series range, the Nokia Prism is slightly different in that it also offers some of today’s highest specification mobile technology.

To start there is a 2 megapixel camera with 8 x digital zoom and built-in flash for low level light conditions. The camera interface offers special effects such as black & white, serpia and solarize to make memorable moments even more special. The camera also supports video capture and playback for shooting short video clips for storing and sharing.

The Nokia prism features an integrated music player for downloading music tracks and creating playlists to suit the mood plus an added option to change the music player skins whilst in playback so that the user can fully customise their entertainment.
To compliment the music player there is also an FM Radio with RDS and TrackID which displays the name of the artists and track of the current song playing on live radio.
Further personalization can be found within the sales package as Nokia include 3 different coloured strips that sit in a ridge around the exterior of the handset. These can easily be changed and replaced to suit a users preference.

The phones display is a large 240 x 360 resolution screen offering 16.7 million colours, ideal for viewing those high quality photos and video clips and to save those works of art amongst other files such as games and new applications there is a substantial expandable memory of up to 2GB.

There is a pre-installed internet browser for surfing the internet over GPRS for much faster speeds than the standard WAP technology plus users can access their email from anywhere making this a useful business tool as well as a fashion phone.

There are many options for data transfer including Bluetooth for wireless connections to compatible devices for sharing media as well as car-kits for safe hands-free driving. The Nokia 7500 can easily be synchronised with a user’s PC for uploading of new content or backing-up of personal data via a MicroUSB port on the phone.

With the amount of technology and features on offer it is surprising that the Prism holds such small dimensions with an overal weight of just 82g and measuring a mere 109 x 43.9 x 14.4mm.

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