Enjoy the Long Awaited Euro 2008 Football Season

Enjoy the Long Awaited Euro 2008 Football Season


The summer is about to end and this marks the dawn of the new season for football. With a huge fan following from all over the world, specially Europe, everyone seems to be all-set to ตํานานนักบอลยุโรป

 witness the kick-off of domestic leagues. Whilst waiting for the 2008 football season, everyone, including the busy transfer markets, have been curious to see the performances of their clubs for the all new, grand football season. The special feature of this season is the most elite of all the football competitions in the world – European championship 2008, which will be hosted in Switzerland and Austria.

Also referred as the Euro 2008, this European championship 2008 is the 13th edition of the UEFA, the European Football Championship, which is an anniversary celebration of the European nations football tournament. Initiated on 7 June 2008, the close of the tournament has been scheduled with the final being played at the Ernst Happel Stadion on 29th of the same month in Vienna. This is the second of the joint successful bids in the history of the competition. Being triumphed in the preceding tournament, Greece will be the defending champions in the tournament.

In all, there are sixteen teams that will be trying to notch a win in this grand football tournament. These obviously include the two host countries, along with 14 other teams that are determined on the basis of the qualifying matches, which started in August 2006. Of the sixteen participating teams, the winner of Euro 2008 will have the benefit of qualifying for the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup, which is to be held in South Africa. Not forgetting that the winning team will have the choice of participating or not.

A positive draw has been given to England in the qualifying stages of the 2008 European championship. However tougher tests have been faced by many home countries, including the Republic of Ireland, so as to qualify for the finals in Switzerland and Austria after the Friday draw in Montreux.

Also, a new trophy has been designed for the winning team of the Euro 2008. It has been designed and created by Asprey of London, and is another version of the Henri Delaunay Trophy. It is an accurate replica of the original, which was designed by Arthus-Bertrand. In the original trophy, the minute figure which was seen juggling the ball at the back has been detached along with marble plinth. The trophy’s silver base has been enlarged which gives the trophy better stability. The names of the winning countries, which used to appear on the plinth, will now be engraved on the back of the trophy, and engraved in sterling silver. The height of the trophy is 60 centimeters and it weighs 17.6 lb, or 8 kilograms.


Men’s Cowboy Hats Are the Fashion Statement of Current Times

Men’s Cowboy Hats Are the Fashion Statement of Current Times  

If you have a friend who is an ardent fan of the wild, wild west and cowboy movies, then a men’s cowboy hat would be the best gift you could possibly give him. If you or your friend is a man with a great taste for fashion then I am certain that you can come   สุดยอดหนังคาวบอย

up with the best ideas to mix and match your clothes to blend well with a cowboy hat.

A northern American cowboy is not complete in any sense unless he sports a wide brimmed, high crowned hat made either out of straw, leather or out of felt. Such a fashion accessory is no longer confined to the northern Americas, rather such hats are in great demand across the globe. These hats gained popularity with the ranching community and gained widespread acceptance among mine workers, rodeo participants and were even adapted by many country music singers in their video or live performances.

Ever since 1865 when J. Stetson came out with the very first cowboy hat, the construction of the same has remained intact to this very day. The actually design of a cowboy hat is very similar to the first ones that were created. In the olden days, these hats were created to protect ranch hands from the harsh sun and the dirt in the air. Since the material used to create these hats were completely water proof, they were used to collect rain water during long travels and that water was later used to drink.

Though many people do not use these hats for the above mentioned purposes, they sure have found one purpose that surpasses all – the need to make a fashion statement. Men’s cowboy hats are now worn by people even from major cities just to make a fashion statement. However, if a heavy storm is to strike that city, it will protect their heads from getting wet. Though I am not too certain if the same idea of drinking the collected water would be widely practiced!


Tips on How to Make a Flash XML Video Player Like on News Websites

Tips on How to Make a Flash XML Video Player Like on News Websites  

Aren’t you just curious to know how to make a flash XML video player like on news websites? They’re fun and entertaining to look at. It keeps the website from being boring and makes it more interactive. If you have a website and you wish to learn more  


 about incorporating a flash video player on your site to make it all the more interesting, then read further. This is an article that can give you tips on how to do just that.

XML flash video player makes your site look more dynamic. No doubt, this is the best tool especially if your business or your skills deal with the graphic arts or the entertainment industry. It is eye-catching especially to visual people who are easily stimulated by colourful and moving objects.

In order to create more attraction to your site by learning how to make a flash XML video player like on news websites, you must first do the following:

1. Make sure that you have 3 videos in FLV format. You also need to make 3 thumbnails of these clips. Then create a folder containing the videos. Use “videos” as the filename of this folder. Create another folder containing the thumbnails and use “thumbs” as the filename. Once you have your 3 videos inside the first folder and the 3 thumbnails on the other folder, you may now create the XML file which is basically a text file with a structured coding.

2. After this process, you need to load and process the XML file you just made. You can make use of URL loader class to load the XML file.

3. Then, you need to create a main container for your player. To do this, you need to create a container for the thumbnails with the use of Loader Class to create a thumbs function. Use a simple formula to position the thumbnails.

4. Then, you need to create a sub-container for your text. This will be used as a text description linked to your videos.

5. Then, you need to import the graphical assets of your component into the library. After this, your player is basically ready. Just create a play video button so that your viewer can easily click on this function to get the video started.

Aside from the technical aspect of incorporating these XML video players into your website, you also need some creative skills in this endeavour. You must be able to conceptualize the overall theme of your website so that this will be complimented by the video you will post. You should also read and watch more tips to improve your flash player online.


Lucky Numbers and Numerology — What’s in that Lottery Ticket Anyway

Lucky Numbers and Numerology — What’s in that Lottery Ticket Anyway

I can’t tell you if you’ll win the Lottery or not, that’s up to your own personal fate, but if you do win, I’ll bet I can tell you some of the numbers on your winning ticket.

Numerology predicts that certain numbers will show up in important combinations in your life again and again. You will literally draw them to you like a magnet. These numbers   เลขเด็ด

   vibrate with you – are lucky for you if you will.

Your lucky numbers come from (2) sources: your date of birth, and your use name (what you go by). Your date of birth gives us your Life Path, birthday, and your Fadic birthday, while your use name gives us your Name lucky numbers.

To show you how there values are calculated, lets give an example. Actor Orlando Bloom was born on January 13th, 1977. We can calculate his lucky numbers as follows.

Life Path

Your Life Path is your luckiest number. It’s Numerology’s equivalent to your Sun sign in Astrology. You calculate your Life Path by adding together all the digits of your full date of birth, and then repeating the process until we get a single digit. This is called fadic addition. For Orlando Bloom, the process gives us (2) as shown below.

01-13-1977 = (0 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 7) = (29) = (2 + 9) = (11) = (1 + 1) = (2)


Your Birthday is your second lucky number. It’s the day of the month you were born on. Orlando Bloom’s birthday value is (13).

Fadic Birthday

Your Fadic birthday is the result of adding together the digits in your birthday with fadic addition. If your birthday number is less than (10), then your fadic birthday is the same as your birthday number, and you have one less lucky number to work with. Orland Bloom’s fadic birthday value is (4).

13 = (1 + 3) = 4

Name Lucky Numbers

Your Name lucky numbers are calculated by converting each of the letters in a name to it’s position in the alphabet, reducing each number by fadic addition, and then summing the result. Two names will give us (2) lucky name numbers. If you use a third name, or an initial (such as George W. Bush), you will have (3) lucky name numbers. Orland Bloom’s name gives us (34) and (21) respectively.

Orlando = (15)+(18)+(12)+(1)+(14)+(4)+(15) = (6 + 9 + 3 + 1 + 5 + 4 + 6) = (34)

Bloom = (2)+(12)+(15)+(15)+(13) = (2 + 3 + 6 + 6 + 4) = (21)

Secondary Life Path Numbers

Finally, your Life Path number is so strong that we count all two-digit numbers, which match it when we use fadic addition on them as lucky numbers. This series of numbers can be found by adding multiples of 9 to your Life Path number. For Orlando Bloom this series of numbers is as follows:


Riddell Football Helmets – The Football Favorite

Riddell Football Helmets – The Football Favorite


The head is one of the most crucial parts of the body. This is where our brain is lodged and as we all know, the brain allows for all proper body functions to follow suit. The worst that can happen when the brain is damaged is that motor functions will be affected such as walking and even eating. A person can risk losing permanent    ข่าวฟุตบอลล่าสุด

control of his motor system if it happens that he accidentally damages his brain. This is the reason why people always make it a point to have some protection on their heads especially when undergoing rigorous activities.

One of the most rigorous activities known to people is American football. Just thinking of the hard packed action brought about by tackling is more than enough to consider that sport as rigorous. It really is something that only tough people can handle. However, despite people being tough and all to be able to play American football, there still remains the fact that the head can only be as tough as a person’s skull can provide protection for it. Thus, football helmets are deemed extremely necessary. Regardless of how talented and how skilled a player is in football, without a helmet he would still be not allowed to enter the game field.

Riddell football helmets capitalize the innovation and uniqueness of its football designs. Above all else, this particular football helmet banks on its capacity to be able to protect the toughest players during the toughest football games. Riddell football helmets have a very unique design and feature which is continuously being developed through research and quality feedbacks from users. Aside from these, Riddell football helmets also rely on the latest scientific researches when it comes to head injuries so that they can surely provide players with safe and protective head gear.

An example of this is the recent effect of some new results found out about head injuries. Spearheaded by the charities of NFL, it was discovered that majority of the head concussions which players can possibly experience while playing football are actually caused by side impacts on the head. The usual notion was that the top or front of the head is the sensitive part when it comes to head concussions. From these substantial results, Riddell football helmets have developed a new line of products in the hopes of providing upgraded protection to football players.


The Most Important Things I Learned In Life, I Learned In The Boxing Ring

The Most Important Things I Learned In Life, I Learned In The Boxing Ring


It feels a little strange talking about my illustrious fighting career, as I’m no longer fighting. I have retired. My excuse is that I’ve turned 35, which is rather a good excuse, as you’re not legally allowed to fight in NSW once you turn 35. I could complain about   ข่าวมวย

   the ‘ageism’ involved in this, but to tell you the truth I’m quite glad. It’s not only escaping the trial of having to get up at the crack of dawn every morning to go running.

Actually I never made it up at the crack of dawn. If I were up and running by 7am that was pretty unusual. Tyson priding himself on running at about 3am or something like that, after which he’d go back to bed. His reason: ‘While I am training, my opponent is sleeping’. This doesn’t make much sense to me, as Tyson probably slept in after that, probably right through his opponents training session!

Anyway, it’s not just the training discipline, or the constant monitoring of your diet (I put on 5 kilos in a month after I stopped training). It’s having to live with that fear that takes hold of you leading up to a fight. It’s not a fear of getting hurt, but a fear of looking like a dork. I know you can get that fear anywhere (eg. preaching), but there is something particularly humiliating about looking like a dork in the ring, having a thousand staring spectators watch you fall in a heap on the floor while your opponent dances around laughing at you.

I’m quite glad to be passed it, but I’m also very glad I did it. Fighting for me was always more than just a sport. My first fight especially was a very spiritual experience. For me, as a male, stepping into the ring for the first time, was a bizarre experience. Your brothers lead you inside the ring, the women folk are all at a distance, and it’s just you and one other man standing there in your underwear facing each other. Your brothers pull back and leave you there alone under the spotlight, and you’re asked to survive for three rounds, while the other guy tries to take you apart.

There is something very similar in this process to the traditional initiation ceremonies in other cultures. Some tribes of American Indians have a ritual where, when a boy comes of age, they take him out into the woods, and then they pull back and leave him there, and he has to survive by himself for a week. When he returns to the village alive he is a man.

I remember when I stepped out of the ring after my first fight, I felt more at peace with myself as a man. Indeed, I suspect that if we had some ritual like this for all our teenage boys – where at a certain age we lead them into a boxing ring and then leave them there to survive the rounds, and then go and celebrate their coming into adulthood – I suspect we would have a lot less problems with our young boys and men than we have today.

You can learn from the ring – hence the title of this talk. And without going any further down that specific path of how boxing can work for adolescent males, let me rather offer three more general truths which have been engraved into my consciousness through my brief sojourn in the ring.

1. Learn how to take a hit

A myth circulates in martial arts movies that you can fight without getting hit. Not true.

Bruce Lee, more than anyone else I think, is responsible for spreading this myth. If you’ve ever seen ‘Enter the Dragon’ or any of his films, you’ll know that he has this tendency to fight off a circle of maybe a hundred assailants at once. They attack him with fists and feet and clubs and knives, and he destroys them all without taking a hit himself. This only happens in the movies.

Likewise in life, a myth circulates, often amongst Christian groups, that if you live a good life, you can avoid ‘getting hit’ in life. Not true. Bad things happen to good people.

It’s amazing how often in hospitals, as a priest, you get asked to explain how it is that God allows these things to happen. ‘I haven’t done anything wrong in my life’ people protest. ‘Why is this happening to me’.

I’ve taken a fair share of blows inside and outside of the ring, and the trick is not to go down. I can say with pride that when I fought for the NSW title last year against Mike Dwyer I took a hammering at some points in that fight. I was in pain, disorientated, at one point hanging on to my opponent while I got my bearings. The referee was shouting at me ‘no holding’. I felt like whimpering back ‘if I don’t hang on I’m going to fall over’. But I didn’t fall over. I didn’t go down. I went the distance, and I had him in trouble too at some points. I didn’t win in the end, but I maintained my self-respect, and was proud of my performance because I refused to crumble.

‘Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil?. (13) Therefore take up the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand on that evil day, and having done everything, to stand’. (Eph 6:11-13)


Bad Credit Home Loan Refinance – Why Lenders Are Ready to Help You Out

It is safe to say that you are one of the individuals who have disgraceful credit history? Try not to stress. All things considered, these are the citations which are very regular over the public gatherings and sites nowadays. Indeed, even plentiful of moneylenders are concocting bad credit installment loans renegotiate alternatives. Be that as it may, do you think they are truly doing likewise with the aims of supporting your budgetary necessities? Clearly, not! There are a few elements which have made them concocted such kind of advance choices for the individuals with helpless credit.

Merciless Competitions

At whatever point it goes to the antagonistic impacts of downturn, everybody knows how badly it influenced the worldwide economy. The equivalent applies for money related area as well. During the previous scarcely any years, an ever increasing number of monetary foundations have gone into the market, however they discovered business occasions to be restricted. Furthermore, that is the reason they began thoroughly considering of the case alternatives and consequently advance open doors for individuals with bad credit have been developed.

Security Of Loan

The significant purpose for some moneylenders getting consented to pay your home advance is that they are guaranteed about the reality you won’t do it by and by. Be that as it may, how might they are guaranteed about it? Just, consequently of uniting your all obligations, moneylenders will expect you to contract your home once more. Also, this makes them empower to authorize your credit application as they realize that you won’t be keen on confronting similar issues indeed. Furthermore, that is the reason you will pay all the installments convenient. In the event that you can’t do as such, they can profit their sum by the methods for dispossession of your home.

Thus, these were the components which have made banks giving bad credit home advance renegotiate alternatives. On the off chance that your house is additionally going for the cycle of dispossession, at that point simply go for these advance chances and that also bother free. Continuously remember that these budgetary loan specialists are likewise protecting their essence into the market by managing you. In this way, it’s the perfect time for you to make the most out of them.


College Football Predictions – Your Stepping Ground to Football Betting

College Football Predictions – Your Stepping Ground to Football Betting  

Is watching college football one of your favorite pastimes? Indeed, it is not just college students who get hooked at following college football games. Even if some people are not in college anymore, they still watch these college football games and even make    ข้อมูลนักบอล

  college football predictions.

Also, if you love watching professional football, chances are you also love watching college football. Aside from just watching the games, these persons also love to make their own predictions as to which team will most likely be the winner every season. Truth is, some persons even make bets based on their predictions.

In order to make your predictions accurate, you can begin by learning how to make your college football predictions accurate. As you experience losses, you will learn from these which can teach you how to improve your prediction’s accuracy. Once you start placing bets on professional football games, you already have the experience and knowledge which are essential in identifying the most winnable bets.

If you want to have accurate predictions, of course you will not base these just on your hunch. If you want your predictions to be accurate, you must not simply base these on a favorite player or team. If these criteria will be the bases of your predictions, you would surely be making inaccurate ones. Therefore, to make accurate predictions, what should be the basis?

You should base your predictions in an analysis of the statistics of the team and its players. In order to analyze the statistics, you must have information on the teams’ and players’ performances. You should have statistics on players and teams in the previous and current seasons.

Remember that when analyzing statistics from the previous season, you must never forget to analyze the statistics in the current season as well. There are always changes when it comes to the roster of players or the coaching staff. Any change in the line-up of players and coaches can surely affect the team’s performance. Another important factor is a player incurring an injury either before or during the game. Therefore, it is also important to know how this player’s injury or absence in the game can affect the performance of the team.

Lots of time in studying and researching is really needed in making predictions. If you want to ensure the accuracy of your predictions, you definitely need to put in the time and effort which are much needed. If you are new with making football predictions, you can also turn to expert advice to learn how accurate predictions are made. Compared to a beginner like you, these sports analysts are more knowledgeable and experienced in this field.

If you want the accuracy of your predictions to be as high as 63 percent, the NFL Football Betting System can definitely help you. With the 63 percent accuracy of the system, you do not have to spend too much time analyzing information because all you must do is follow the instructions. If you are into making college football predictions, you could definitely do something to make these accurate.Is watching college football one of your favorite pastimes? In fact, people who love following college football are not just college students. Even people who already graduated from college still love viewing college football games and making their own college football predictions as they watch.

On the other hand, it is a fact that people who follow football games usually watch both college and professional football. Aside from just watching the games, these people also love to make their own predictions as to which team will most likely be the winner every season. In fact, after making their predictions, these people could even place bets.

In order to make your predictions accurate, you can begin by learning how to make your college football predictions accurate. As you learn from your mistakes, you would definitely be increasing the accuracy of your predictions. And once you decide to bet on professional football games, you already have enough knowledge and experience which can help you receive big winnings from your bets.

If you want to make accurate predictions, of course you will not base these just on your hunch. If you want to ensure the accuracy of your predictions, you would surely not base these on your favorite teams or players alone. If you will use these criteria in identifying your bets, you are already lowering the accuracy of your bets. So, what must your predictions be based on?


An Overview Of Serie A Teams

An Overview Of Serie A Teams


Serie A, also called as Serie A TIM, refers to the top level professional league in the Italian football league system. Founded during 1929-30 season, Serie A is now on its way to complete  สโมสรยูเวนตุส

87 seasons. Lega Calcio was the organizer of the Serie A competitions until 2010 but Lega Serie A was introduced during the 2010/11 season. It is widely regarded as one of the most competitive football leagues in the world. In accordance with a report by IFFHS, Serie A is the strongest national league all over the globe. Serie A teams have been the highest number of European Cup finalists till date.

The Italian outfits have reached the Europa competition final 26 times, which is a record in the continent. They have wrapped up the title in 12 seasons. As per UEFA’s league coefficient, Serie A ranks fourth among the European leagues and come only next to La Liga, Bundesliga and English Premier League. The ranking is based on the Italian clubs’ performance in the Europa League as well as the Champions League over the last five years. The league was the topper on the UEFA ranking between 1986 and 1988 and also from 1990 to 1339. Let us now take a closer look at the best Serie A clubs.

Serie A Competition

Before 1929, many Italian clubs participated in the top-most level. Till 1922, the earlier rounds were played on a regional basis. Inter is the only club that has played in every Serie A season since its inception.

Best Teams in Serie A

The top-tier Italian league hosts Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan which are considered three of the most popular clubs in the world. All of them are the founding members of G-14 which hosted the most famous and largest football clubs of Europe. It was the only league which had three representatives in the G-14 group. More players have been awarded the prestigious Ballon d’Or during their Serie A spell than any other country league. However, 18 players each from both Serie A and La Liga have received the award FIFA Ballon d’Or so far.

Juventus is considered the most successful Serie A club. The club, nicknamed as the Bianconeri, the Old Lady etc, is the only entity in the world football to have won every continental competition in Europe as well as the world title. Inter Milan became the first Serie A team to have won a treble following their 2009/10 achievement. Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan along with Roma, Lazio, Napoli and Fiorentina form famous Seven Sisters of Italian Football. Juventus is the current defending champions of Serie A title. However, Inter Milan are, at present, the topper on the league table.


Satisfy Your Sporting Urge With Leading Sports Magazines Subscription

Satisfy Your Sporting Urge With Leading Sports Magazines Subscription


Sports enthusiasts are known for their fanaticism about their favorite sport. Be it on the football field or basketball courts or  ข่าวกีฬา

 baseball stadium, the supporters can often be seen screaming on top of their voices rooting for their favorite teams. Occasionally, the excitement reaches its crescendo with a scuffle between the supporters of rival teams. All this shows that human passion for sports is, quite literally, out of this world and their minds need constant flow of sport-related information and news to keep the adrenalin rushing.

Getting leading sports magazines subscriptions fill this gap perfectly with latest news from the world of sports. All the inside stories and gossips that have a titillating effect on the psyche of enthusiasts are covered in detail.

Whether you are a golfing freak or an ardent ice hockey follower, whether you jump from the seat every time you see your favorite tennis star in action or the Formula 1 stars have a hypnotic effect on you, sports magazines, like ESPN, will keep you informed with all the news, views, photographs and expert opinions.

Be it player profile, full length interview with sports personalities, or a collectible poster, these magazines offer a bunch of excitement for those looking to read comprehensive sports-related matter. To keep you updated with the upcoming sporting events, most of fans subscribe to these magazines as it contains the schedule for the next month.

On the one hand, there are general sports magazines, like ESPN and Sporting News, and on the other, there are more specific magazines, like Baseball Digest, Basketball Times, Beckett Hockey, Climbing, Fairways & Greens, Golf Illustrated, Hockey Business News, etc. All these magazines have their own fan following.

However, if you are looking to subscribe one of these leading sports magazines, the price factor could keep you at bay. The magazine stands are filled with these sports magazines and the temptation to buy one is too great to resist. But the best bargains are available only on the Internet, where cheap magazine subscriptions sites offer heavy discounts on the list price. As much as 90% discount off the actual subscription price is offered on some of these sports magazines. The discounts may vary but one thing is sure – you won’t be sold the magazine subscriptions on the list price. So, just look for one of the reliable websites and order your favorite sports magazine subscription by paying online.