AP Top 25 Poll Offers Clear Evidence of College Football’s Current Parity – Call It Musical Chairs
Assuming you needed obvious proof that school football's flow equality is genuine, you have just to concentrate on the AP Top 25 Poll during the 2007 normal season. I graphed the AP Poll of sports scholars and telecasters for 14 sequential weeks and found some astounding realities. Here are some stunners that give each school football crew in America trust that one year from now could be their breakout year, and give you some discussion apparatuses to intrigue your companions while tipping a brew at the nearby bar: 1) Only 10 groups that began the first week had the option to stay in the AP Top 25 Poll each of the 14 weeks. Here they are with where they began the first week and completed the fourteenth week: Southern California (first to sixth), Louisiana State (second to second), West Virginia (third to eleventh), Florida (fourth to ninth), Oklahoma (fifth to third), Texas (seventh to seventeenth), Virginia Tech (ninth to fifth), Georgia (eleventh to fourth), Ohio State (twelfth to first) and Hawaii (twentieth to tenth). 2) Only 5 groups moved into the Poll after the first week and had the option to remain in the Poll through the fourteenth and last week. Here they are with the week they began, their place and where they wrapped up: Boston College the second week (21st to fourteenth), Missouri the third week (25th to seventh), Arizona State the fourth week (23rd to twelfth), Kansas the sixth week (twentieth to eighth) and Brigham Young the twelfth week (23rd to nineteenth). 3) Three groups rose to the No. 1 spot in the AP Poll prior to losing-Louisiana State, Missouri and Ohio State. Just the Ohio State re-acquired the No. 1 spot, and that occurred on the fourteenth and last seven day stretch of the normal season when the Buckeyes were inactive. 4) No under 6 groups rose to the No. 2 spot in the Poll prior to losing-West Virginia, California, Oregon, Boston College, South Florida and Kansas. คาสิโนยูฟ่า 5) No under 45 groups among the 119 Division 1A schools made it into the Top 25 during the 14-week normal season. The 45 groups address more than 33% (37%) of the 119 schools. 6) Only 6 of the 45 groups were in and out of the survey twice (in, out, in and afterward out once more)- California, Penn State, Rutgers, Alabama, Kentucky and Kansas State. 7) Only 2 of the 45 groups were in and out of the survey multiple times (in, out, in, out and afterward in once more)- Auburn and Tennessee. 8) Only 4 of the 45 groups became what I would call one-week ponders, they showed up in the Top 25 for multi week and afterward disappeared, never to return. They were Purdue, Florida State, Texas Tech and Wake Forest.

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