Football Trivia – How Well Do You Know Your Facts About Football Teams?
Whether you're a football player, spectator, or collector of football sports cards, you may enjoy challenging yourself to see how well you know your facts about football teams. 1. Which of the following football teams are not associated with the NFL? a. New York Giants b. Baltimore Stars c. Carolina Panthers d. Oklahoma Outlaws e. Tennessee Titans 2. How many teams are there in the Canadian football league? a. 10 b. 8 c. 18 d. 14 3. How many NFL football teams begin with the letter C.? a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5 4. Which NFL football team had a linebacker who was the first (and so far, only) player that was named Super Bowl MVP from the losing team? a. Denver Broncos b. Green Bay Packers c. Dallas Cowboys d. New Orleans Saints 5. How many football players from Hawaii have been sent to the NFL as of 2009? ยี่ห้อปืนบีบี a. 63 b. 36 c. 85 d. 75 6. What is the most number of games that the New York Jets quarterbacks started during any season? a. 16 b. 14 c. 13 d. 12 7. Which team in the NFL is one of the oldest franchises in all of professional football? a. New York Jets b. Philadelphia Eagles c. Dallas Cowboys d. Seattle Seahawks 8. In what year did the Seattle Seahawks enter the NFL as an expansion team along with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? a. 1975 b. 1984 c. 1976 d. 1979 Answers to Trivia Question #1: b, d Answers to Trivia Question #2: a Answers to Trivia Question #3: c Answers to Trivia Question #4: c Answers to Trivia Question #5: d Answers to Trivia Question #6: a Answers to Trivia Question #7: b Answers to Trivia Question #8: c

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