The Number of Football Scholarships – How to Get Your Spot on a College Roster
Many high school football players who are looking to play at the next level don't realize how competitive the recruiting process is. The number of football scholarships are limited each year, but the opportunities are out there for players who are willing to take control of their own recruitment. The number of football scholarships at each level are: - At the NCAA Division 1A level, 85 scholarships are available - At the NCAA Division 1AA level, 63 scholarships are available - At the NCAA Division II level, 36 scholarships are available - At the NAIA Division I and II level, 24 scholarships are available - At the NCAA Division III level, no scholarships are available, but financial aid is available - At the junior college level, grant-in-aids are available Football has more scholarships available than any other sport, but the competition is fierce for these roster spots. For every scholarship spot available, there are hundreds if not thousands of prospects out there just hoping to get their chance to play. A number of football scholarships are taken up each year by the blue chip or elite level players. These football players have been recruited since their Pop Warner days it seems and recruitment for them is a pretty easy process. The most difficult part of the recruiting process for them is deciding which scholarship offer to take. โน๊ตบุ๊ค ใช้งานดี For most high school football players, the recruitment process is much more difficult and frustrating. They have to scratch and claw their way into getting some attention from college coaches. This happens because they are flying under the radar of college coaches. It happens because they are at a small school, playing on a bad team, or simply just playing in an area not known to produce college football players. However, a number of football scholarships will end up going to some of these "under the radar" players because they take control of their own recruitment and market and promote themselves to college coaches. By simply making contact with coaches, you can make your football dreams a reality if you have the talent, size, skills and athleticism to play at some level of college football.

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