Weekly Fantasy Football – Week 2 Wide Receiver Picks
1. Andre Johnson Johnson didn't have an extraordinary dream week in week 1, however it was a consequence of the Texans getting an early lead on the Colts with several short score runs, and not requiring toss the ball. Johnson is a tip top player that will set up large details the entire year, particularly when the Texans open the offense up additional. The Dolphins pass protection was horrendous in week 1, surrendering a record breaking night to Tom Brady. In spite of the fact that they should play better, Matt Schaub will dissect Miami's auxiliary, going intensely to his beloved objective, Johnson. 2. Calvin Johnson The Lions are a well known sleeper pick, and all things considered. However long they stay sound, Stafford to Johnson will be almost relentless. They beat down a strong Tampa Bay safeguard (albeit the numbers weren't astonishing), and the two players will have a major event against a guard that couldn't stop Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Chiefs guard could be significantly milder this week subsequent to losing wellbeing Eric Berry to a torn ACL. 3. Greg Jennings The Packers offense is completely relentless, and they could flex more this week against a helpless Carolina pass guard. The main concern according to a dream viewpoint is they have so many weapons, any individual could have an off week since his colleagues score excessively. Be that as it may, Jennings is Aaron Rodgers number one objective and he ought to have a strong week.เว็บไซต์พนันออนไลน์ 4. Miles Austin Indeed, even against an extraordinary Jets pass protection, Austin actually had 90 yards and a score. He ought to surpass that against a terrible San Francisco guard that required two late kick gets back to beat a helpless Seattle group. Romo will have a skip back game, and I anticipate that the entire Cowboys offense should set up a ton of imagination focuses in week 2. 5. Brandon Lloyd The Broncos are an awful group, yet they will remain applicable for another week by pounding in a far more terrible Bengals group. Brandon Lloyd lead the NFL in getting yards last year and he will in any case set up a ton of yards before the Broncos conclude they need to switch quarterbacks each play. Sleeper: Mike Wallace The Steelers were squashed in week 1 against the Ravens, however they are the shielding AFC champs and should skip back solid in week 2. The Seahawks surrendered enormous plays to an awful Alex Smith drove 49ers group, and will passage more regrettable against Pittsburgh. They need speed in the optional and can not stay aware of Wallace. Anticipate enormous plays.

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