Swindon Town Football Club – A Brief History
Swindon Town Football Club is by and large viewed as being shaped in 1879, with the club becoming set up as one of the main clubs outside the Football League by the 1900's. Harold Fleming, adequate to be covered by England, assisted the club with winning the Southern League twice and furthermore make races to the FA Cup semi-finals. At the point when the Football League was extended, Swindon Town Football Club were conceded a piece of the new Third Division in the 1920, winning their very first association game 9-1 against Luton, which stays a club record. Swindon stayed in the division for the following 43 years until at long last securing advancement into Division Two of every 1963 with an astonishing youthful group that remembered a future global for Mike Summerbee, in addition to different players who might proceed to play in the top division. Two seasons later however, they were consigned. The best crossroads in Swindon Town Football Club history winning the League Cup at Wembley in 1969 against Arsenal subsequent to beating other top division sides on course. Swindon won the last 3-1 with winger Don Rogers, a faction legend at the club scoring twice. In a similar season they got back to the Second Division.  ซีรีย์น่าดู The club bit by bit declined however and in 1983 dropped into the Fourth Division interestingly. The arrangement of previous Manchester United player Lou Macari designed a change and by 1990, despite the fact that Macari had continued on, Swindon were elevated to play in the top division of English football. They were consigned however, before the season had begun subsequent to being seen as at fault for making installments to players that defied association guidelines. Swindon, then, at that point, overseen by Glenn Hoddle, at long last made it into the Premier League in 1993, however were consigned straight away. The club has neglected to recover those statures from that point forward, experiencing some poor administrative arrangements and sketchy choices by proprietors, prior to going under the chairmanship if Andrew Fitton. They presently play in the third level.

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